We design thinking.

Idea Farm helps teams build innovative solutions for complex challenges via design thinking and collaboration. 

Building innovation capabilities requires both learning and doing. Idea Farm designs immersive work experiences and processes that activate, align and accelerate teams. We free your people to do the best work of their lives, together.

Collaborate to innovate.

Innovative outcomes are generated through innovative ways of working


We are firm believers that outcomes are shaped by experiences and the product depends on the process. To that end, we design innovative engagements that develop people, improve cocreation capabilities and address business challenges. Every time.

Our why.  

 We are on a mission to transform the way it feels to work.  

The 3 core values below serve as design principles that shape the way we create solutions to meet our client’s internal and external business challenges.


Our human capacity to empathize with ourselves and each other is a core strength of being human. As we allow ourselves to change and grow through human connection we build relationships and capacity to serve in a meaningful way.


It takes courage and vulnerability to face fear- which is often the feeling of excitement for the unknown. Creative problem solving is a skill that anyone can learn and develop, especially when we are encouraged to brave our diversity and cooperate.


Work shouldn't hurt. Instead, hard work can elicit feelings of joy and produce a state of "flow". We approach even the most gnarly problems with enthusiasm and an unapologetic passion for process.